‘What do you have to say?’

Guest blog by Zainab M Ahmad

What do you have to say?

We all have a story. Every single one of us. We might not know it or recognise it, but we do. The question is, who should we tell our story to and why? The answer is simple – our stories make the world go round! It is us who make the world what it is today, a living, growing community, bringing together skills, creativity and ideas from across the globe. But how significant is my voice, or yours, among a few billion?

To answer that I’ll ask you to play a piece of music on your phone or your laptop. Yes, now, whilst reading this — it’ll take a second. Now, pay attention to the sounds you hear in the song: there are multiple instruments playing to their own beat, coming to you collectively, almost merging, yet distinct. That’s us. All of us together, unique yet collaborative, making a single piece of music. Even if you take one tiny part out, it affects the integrity of the whole song. So that is why, every single one of us, moving to our own beat, have to show up and contribute.

The best thing about the world today is the power of social media and the impact our digital footprint can have. You have something you’re passionate about, then join a relevant social media group or start one of your own. Write, put up videos, vlogs, photographs, short stories or poems, and I guarantee you will find like-minded people to appreciate what you do, to collaborate with you and to create impact.

LibDemChild Aged 18, a self-styled liberal democrat and feminist, has been blogging since she was 11. She expresses her views on politics and such causes as the under-representation of women (particularly those of colour) in elitist universities. Constantly discovering and questioning the world, she prompts us to do the same as we go on the journey with her. Why should we care? Because bloggers help us connect with others, and seeing someone else doing it gives us the courage and inspiration to raise our own voice.

Everything does not need to make money or cost money. Turn your idea into something consistent, giving it a direction, a purpose, a form that engages and inspires others. Start small. Put it online, share it with three people and watch it grow. I genuinely believe that every single good idea can turn into something tangible, if we put it out there, collaborate with others and create a strategy for it. What’s the point of all this effort? You are. What you bring is something only you can – your perspective, your creativity, your journey.

Young girls across the world are the leaders of change and our time is now. The number of women making waves in finance, technology, education, fashion, aeronautics, non-profits and more, as contributors and leaders, is growing. Even if you aren’t yet sure where your passion lies, step out there, bring people together and be part of a movement. Your journey towards achieving your dreams begins now.


Zainab M Ahmad is a journalist, children’s writer and teacher based in London, who spends her time connecting people and ideas, finding and sharing inspiration and most of all helping young people to recognise their own voice, no matter how loud the world gets.

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