We have some exciting new events coming up….

LFFF 2017

One of the films created by the girls Brexit Unveiled is due to be shown at the London Feminist Film Festival on Saturday the 19th of August. It is one of five films being shown with a panel discussion where we will be speaking aiming to explore ways of navigating (in)visibility. You can find tickets for this here.


And here are some GGM UK past events of which we are particularly proud…

The Gracies

Our film Stealing Intimacy made by the girls on the 3 week training course won a prestigious Gracie award.  The Gracie Awards recognize exemplary programming created by women, for women and about women in all facets of media and entertainment. Violet travelled to New York to attend the ceremony on June the 27th.


Million Women’s Rise March

On the 10th of March one of our GlobalGirl Media UK graduates Lilian spoke at Trafalgar Square, reminding us that “being silent is not an option” and that we must work together to make equality a reality for all.


International Women’s Day

On International Women’s day GGM UK hosted a panel discussion inviting women we admire to speak about promoting female equality in 2017. #BEBOLDFORCHANGE UK PANEL DISCUSSION.

Women’s March London

GGM UK attended the Women’s March London in January and met up with Grayson Perry to get his insight.#MARCHINGFORWARD