Why do we support girls?

According to the Untied Nations, how a nation treats its women is directly linked to how democratic that society is.

Girls and women are still under-represented not only in the media but also in the political sphere.  Currently, only 32% of all MP’s in the UK are women.  Girls – particularly girls of colour – report feeling left out of the political process.

Here are our GlobalGirls telling you why their voice matters:



Last year 87% of films in the UK were directed by men, yet film schools are proportionally 50/50 (Source OneinFive.)  Why the drop off?  Why, when in film school the mix is equally men and women, are so few women represented in the media industry at the higher levels of creativity and responsibility?

Could it be because of some of the inherently discriminatory practices still widespread in our society?

Despite the Equal Pay Act 45 years ago, women still earn less than men in Britain today.  According to the Fawcett Society, there are 4 main causes of the inequality:

  • Discrimination.  It’s illegal, but women are frequently paid less than men for the exact same job;
  • Unequal caring responsibilities.  Women continue to shoulder the greater share when it comes to caring for children, the sick and the elderly at home, which puts them at a disadvantage in the workplace;
  • Uneven labour market.  Many more women than men are hired in low-skilled, low-paid jobs, such as in the leisure sector, where 80 % of employees are females;
  • Men in Senior Roles.  Men continue to dominate the highest paid, most senior roles.  For example, just 5% of CEO’s in the FTSE top 100 are women.

With so much stacked against them, girls are up against multiple hurdles.  It’s not surprising they frequently suffer from low morale.

At GlobalGirl Media UK we aim to give girls cameras, the confidence to use them and the power to level an unequal playing field.