• trains girls, ages 14-22 in new media digital journalism to have an impactful voice in their lives and on the global media community.
• is linked to GGM’s international website www.globalgirlmedia.org that leverages connected learning on a truly worldwide stage.
• partners with schools, after-school programmes, NGO’s and community centres to select girls for training and help sustain their work.
• collaborates with journalists, filmmakers and new media mavericks to provide mentorship and positive role models.
• has local and global impact: through our GGMN TV network, YouTube Channel and the US website GlobalGirl Media our projects reach and connect young women all over the world, encouraging them to become active citizens and participants in media through social media, news bureaux, web portals, media feeds and other unique opportunities, such as producing content at international gatherings and conventions.
• provides a Newsroom, where girls regularly meet each other, discuss new ideas, generate content, borrow equipment, encourage each other and engage in the shaping and direction of their organisation.
• is committed to continued learning in regular ‘skills-boosting’ workshops designed to keep pace with the change in technology and media practice.

For more information on our model, please see ‘Trainings’ and ‘Solution’