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What was the impact of the training on London GlobalGirl Aisha Clarke? See the short video


The impact of GlobalGirl Media ripples out from the individual to her community and the wider media landscape:

  • Girls gain relevant skills that produce ethical, impactful journalism.

Girls write, develop and hone oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, become web literate, learn digital videography and produce content. Through watching films made through a female lens and through analysing content written by women and directed by women, GlobalGirls start to understand their rights and potential, learn to trust their voices and believe that they really matter. Girls create and maintain safe online presences, developing their literacy, creativity and individuality.


  • Girls build the self-esteem to drive their ability to thrive and become leaders in school, work and community.

Girls are exposed to role models such as community activists, leaders, politicians and media professionals: high achieving women who look like them. These women are examples of what our girls can achieve. By seeing such models, our GlobalGirls no longer have to imagine. They see for themselves what they can do. They learn public speaking, take risks, demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviour, work in a team, follow instructions, complete assignments fully and aspire to success, whatever that looks like for them.


  • Girls create digital content which is shared on multiple platforms, sparking discussion and leading to awareness about rights and driving social change.

As GlobalGirls create and share content on our website and Youtube channel they also see content made by others, from different backgrounds. By graduating from the GlobalGirl Media Academy, each GlobalGirl feels connected to a bigger movement, part of a network of peer-to-peer learning. She becomes more aware of common ground she shares with others elsewhere. A GlobalGirl learns how to identify problems and she feels empowered to solve them. She educates and inspires others and makes a difference in this world.