GlobalGirl Media’s 2017 mini-training, How to Create Branded Content to a Brief

Date:  July 2017

Locations:  Hult International Business School; Brockwell Park and Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf.

Funded by:  Rosa UK

It was a packed three days.

Tamara Jacobs and other content creators at Thomson Reuters  guided us through 3 days of masterclasses, workshops and hands-on exercises to discover the skills needed to make videos with a specific branded look.

Over the three days, participants:

  • Learnt how to analyse a brief to create a social impact campaign
  • Responded to the brief for Sports UK… how to encourage more girls to take up sports.
  • Analysed the Challenges, Insights, Ideas and Execution of their idea
  • Shot the material on location around London, with the backup of GlobalGirl Media UK graduates and tutors Sue Carpenter and Victoria Bridges
  • Attended studio sessions at Thomson Reuters; learnt from professionals in Mobile Journalism, social media and graphics and
  • Watched a news show being recorded live.

As a result of the three day training, the participants came up with the following film: