Photo:  US GlobalGirl Lungi with Gloria Steinam


What’s the solution?

When girls pick up a camera and start to create content from their own point of view, they become powerful agents of change.  Their self-esteem rises* and the esteem of their peers motivates them further.  The content they create then goes on to inspire other girls and women, in ever-widening virtuous circles.


For girls and young women, education, feelings of self-worth, and creative self-expression are all key to changing the entrenched stereotypes and values that hold them back and keep them from succeeding in media and technology fields.

GGM UK programming intentionally works exclusively with girls to provide a safe, nurturing environment where they can lead, speak their minds, and learn how to close the gender/technology divide.

We do this through carefully-constructed 3-week intensive training sessions, where girls meet, develop story ideas, write and edit blogs, do research on their chosen topics, work together in teams, and learn digital camera, sound and editing. 

Our curriculum is developed and taught by award-winning media professionals and our training is holistic, integrating health, literacy, self-esteem, and basic human rights that effectively contribute to the overall needs of adolescent girls.

GGM focusses on projects/videos through a gender lens, i.e.: education and careers, poverty and social justice, violence against women and dating violence, sexual and reproductive health, health and wellness, financial literacy, the environment, girls and STEM, etc.  

The graduates then meet regularly at the GGM UK NEWSROOM, where they continue to train, produce videos and blogs and cover conferences, events and symposia.

We also run a Mentorship Programme, where each GlobalGirl is paired with a professional woman journalist, broadcaster, writer, or media expert. These Mentors provide regular guidance and support for the overall programme.

Our Mentors and Trainers are seasoned journalists, educators and filmmakers who are dedicated to bringing more women, especially women of colour, into the media profession, but also to encourage young women to take a leadership role in their communities.

All of our graduates reported in post-training evaluation that they felt ‘more empowered’ after the training by 9 or 10 out of 10.


GGM UK at the Thomson Reuters Newsroom, August, 2017


GGM UK was at the worldwide Women’s March in March 2017 of course – with Grayson Perry.  Watch here:  

GGM UK at the Women’s March, 2017