Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, finding the right hotel is vital. There are many considerations to make when choosing a hotel, including location, cancellation policies and whether the hotel is near a transportation hub. If you’re a Penn State employee, you may be able to get a special government rate.

Location is important

Choosing a hotel in the right location can make or break a vacation. The location may have something to do with the amenities, quality of the hotel or even the price of the room. Some cities may charge additional fees for parking or may require guests to pay for parking. You will want to check out the hotel’s official website to see what type of promotions they offer.

A hotel that has a good location can save you time and money. A well-located hotel can reduce the time you spend in traffic and minimize the time you spend going to and from your room. For business travelers, a central location can improve productivity. It also allows you more time to do the things you actually want to do while you’re on vacation.

Cancellation policies

Whether you’re a leisure traveler or a business traveler, it’s important to understand the cancellation policies for traveling and hotels. Cancellation policies for hotel reservations vary by hotel, property, and brand. Oftentimes, they can affect the decision to book a room.

For example, some hotels will allow you to change your reservation without paying a fee if you do so up to 48 hours after booking. Others will allow you to change your reservation only five days before arrival. If you want to avoid paying a fee, you might want to consider booking a prepaid reservation with a credit card.

Alternative accommodations for travelers

During the last two years, the alternative accommodations for travelers and hotels sector has seen a tremendous growth. As a result, a number of traditional hotel parent companies have either exited or taken a step back from the sector. In contrast, other leading international hotel companies have already entered the vacation rental space.

The growing popularity of alternate accommodations is a reflection of the growing demand for travel experiences that are more personalized, intimate and local. A variety of alternative lodging options, from mobile hotels to villas and treehouses, are transforming the modern travel landscape.

Penn State employees may be eligible for a special government rate

During travel on official state business, the Office of State Comptroller sets the rules for reimbursement of expenses. In order to be reimbursed, a traveler must provide a tax exemption certificate to lodging vendors. The State Travel Manual is a useful resource to help employees understand the travel rules. The manual also provides information on reimbursement when traveling for business.

A special rate is available to travelers who are members of the government, or employees of federal, state or local governments. The rate is limited to two rooms per person. To obtain this rate, travelers must provide a valid government ID. A government ID is a badge or a letter authorizing travel.