GlobalGirl Media, of which GlobalGirl Media UK is an affiliate, was founded in the USA in 2010 by Amie Williams.

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GlobalGirl Media (GGM) has trained 380 young women in six countries, United States, Morocco, South Africa and Kosovo and now the UK. GGM has produced over 300 videos and 400 blogs, and partnered with over 40 multimedia companies.

By turning up the volume of girls’ voices globally, GlobalGirl Media seeks to promote freedom of expression and strengthen substantive journalism that addresses historically marginalized voices.

GlobalGirl Media reporters cover issues that are overlooked and share stories of the under-represented through broadband and broadcast, social media and web presence, women’s empowerment and civic engagement events.

GGM’s global model is unique because it can be replicated and expanded internationally –  it builds networks with schools, community organizations and government agencies.

GGM’s content is shared across transmedia platforms and have created partnerships with over 40 international digital media organizations such as, BBC, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, Reuters, NPR, PBS, Hollywood Foreign Press.

Finally, what sets GGM apart is that it is global: GlobalGirls connect with each other via Skype calls and Google hangouts, they meet at international conferences, and collaboration across cultures and borders is encouraged. This helps build a global network that each girl can tap into for her future professional and personal goals.

GlobalGirl Media runs a broadband channel, the GlobalGirl Media Network GGMN TV  which also curates other content that ‘puts girls at the centre of the story.’


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GlobalGirl Media UK and GlobalGirl Media – a note about the relationship

GlobalGirl Media UK (GGM UK) operates as an affiliate charity to the established, international organisation Global Girl Media (GGM). GGM UK exists as a separate entity to GGM, maintaining full financial and organisational autonomy, but benefits from GGM’s global network, brand, curriculum and established business model. The affiliated organisations share information, expertise and resources.  The cooperation works two ways:

  • It enables GGM UK graduates to connect with their international peers, as well as share GGM UK content and work on a global distribution network, GGMN TV, and
  • It offers GGM’s graduates access to the stories and reports generated by GGM UK, broadening out the pool of information and support offered to all GlobalGirls.