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GlobalGirl Media UK  (GGM UK) empowers girls from underserved communities in digital media skills to find their voices on the global media stage.  GlobalGirls are disrupting the dominant media narrative.

‘(GlobalGirl Media) is an example of how educating one young woman can transform a community’ – Michelle Obama, Former First Lady USA 

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It’s been an exciting year so far for GGM UK.  Not only have we trained our first and second cohorts of girlsbut their films have won a prestigious Gracies Award and been shown at Film Festivals and other events.  Our London GlobalGirls have spoken in public, been interviewed by wide-reaching platforms and of course continued to make great content from THEIR perspective.  We are building on the London GlobalGirls’ skills by providing them with mentors, opportunities and new trainings


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NEWSFLASH!  Aisha Clarke has agreed to be our first GGM UK Youth Ambassador!  Welcome, Aisha and thank you.  Here’s what Aisha says about herself:

‘I was a part of Global Girl Media UK’s first training cohort in 2016 where I co-produced the film Brexit Unveiled. Since then I have continued to train with GGM UK, developing my camera skills by filming the Be Bold For Change panel. I am currently on Channel 4’s Production Trainee Scheme working at The Garden Productions after interning this summer at the Guardian. I am looking forward to continuing to work with GGM UK and getting more girls behind the lens!’

Check out Aisha and Monique’s interview for FilmDoo, here:



See the amazing award-winning videos that our London GlobalGirls made for the training…

Brexit Unveiled:  The rise in attacks on Muslim women since the 2016 referendum



Stealing Intimacy:  The reality of so-called ‘slut-shaming’.  Winner, Gracies’ Award 2017

With thanks to South Thames College


Here’s our latest GGMUK film, made by an inspirational new set of London GlobalGirls, as part of our July 2017 mini-training, How to Create Branded Content.

With thanks to Rosa UK


GlobalGirl Media – What people say:

‘Holding the camera was like holding the future in my hands…’  – GGM Reporter Lungile, Soweto, South Africa

‘The most important thing is that I learned that stories in my community need to be told and my voice can tell them’ GGM Reporter, Dea, Kosovo

‘It’s essential to give girls a voice, because you are changing the narrative, and in the world we live in today, with all the issues we are confronted with, we have to find some way in which we alter the narrative’ – Danny Glover, Actor, Activist & GlobalGirl Media spokesperson

‘At GlobalGirl Media we try to speak the unspeakable…  We try to talk about issues for women that no one wants to address – GGM Reporter Imani, Los Angeles

‘There is no fair representation of women and women’s issues anywhere in the media, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon’ – Liliane Landor, BBC

‘GlobalGirl changed my life, it made me feel like I was important’ – GGM Reporter, Jari, Chicago

‘Global Girl Media has a slick design and an all-star cast executive board of producers, on-air personalities, and directors’ – Fast Company

‘I want to help the people of South Africa. I also want to tell people out there how I live my life with HIV.  I do not let HIV overcome me, but I overcome HIV’  – GGM Reporter, Mandisa, South Africa

‘I’ve learned to let go of the fear that was holding me back, the fear of communicating with other people ‘  – GGM Reporter Lungile, South Africa

‘(GlobalGirl Media) stands apart as an innovative education and engagement model’ – Feminist Majority


GlobalGirl Media UK – Our London GlobalGirl graduates say:

‘Since the training, I’m more knowledgable about feminism and happier with myself’ 

‘I’m more hopeful, more confident, more prepared’

‘The training has helped me understand my opinions are valid and important.  I will speak out more’

‘It’s given me a broader perspective on the actions and steps I want to take right now for the future.’ 

‘I feel like I can say something with the camera, I feel like I can talk to people, I feel like my voice matters’ .

‘Only if we have this broad spectrum of voices within the media can we truly understand our societies’ –  Yalda Hakim, BBC World News International Correspondent and GGM UK Ambassador


Changing the face of media by putting girls 

behind the camera and at the centre of the story



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