Trends in Fashion


Fashion trends come and go. Some are very easy to spot and are timeless, while others are hard to pin down. For example, short skirts and boots from the 60s in England made their way to the runways of Paris and London and hip-hop made its way to Haute Couture fashion shows in London and Milan. Popular trends often originate in movies, sitcoms, music, and art.

Distinctive fashion styles

There are many distinct fashion styles from around the world. For example, the goth style is marked by heavy makeup and black clothing. The style is influenced by literature and philosophical education. The classic goth style was popularized by singers such as Siouxsie Sioux. Movies such as The Craft and Joy Division also contributed to the goth style. Another distinct style that originated from goth culture is steampunk. Steampunk style is very similar to goth fashion, incorporating Victorian era elements, including goggles, vests, and button-downs.

Formal wear

Formal wear refers to the dress code used for most formal occasions in Western culture. These events include weddings, christenings, confirmations, and funerals. Other occasions that call for formal attire include Easter and Christmas traditions, state dinners, balls, and horse racing events. For more information about what to wear at these events, read the following article.

In the mid-19th century, formal wear was part of social life. People who did not have formal clothes could borrow them from relatives or rent them from formal rental services. Even today, formal attire is popular for special occasions and conveys an air of respect. Though some designers have experimented with the constraints of this attire, the style has remained timeless.


Girly fashion focuses on feminine styles and cute details. This type of clothing tends to be short and flowing, with polka dots, lace, and pastel colors. Black is almost never seen in girly fashion, but sometimes checkered patterns are incorporated. However, this type of clothing is not appropriate for the office.

Girly fashion is very feminine in nature, and is a good fit for young girls. Colors such as pink, pastels, frilly designs, and delicate lace embellishments are the staples of this fashion. Accessories like tiny, pretty handbags and delicate necklaces lend a girly touch. Makeup can be curly or soft, depending on the look of the girly outfit.

Fast fashion

The fast fashion industry is a major contributor to global warming and pollutes the environment through the use of toxic chemicals. Many companies that make fast fashion clothes use toxic fabrics and dyes that can harm both humans and animals. In addition, the production of fast fashion garments requires massive quantities of water. Each year, about 1.5 trillion liters of water are used to make new clothes. This waste water is then released into the environment. These pollutants have harmful effects on water supplies.

Many companies involved in the fast fashion industry are not transparent about their suppliers or how their products are produced. They also don’t provide evidence that their suppliers pay their workers living wages and decent working conditions. Furthermore, many companies that produce fast fashion products are “greenwashing” and use misleading practices that make the public believe their clothes are sustainable. Another factor that contributes to the negative impact of fast fashion is its low prices. These cheap clothes can’t be produced ethically or without hurting the environment.