What is Entertaiment?

Entertaiment is a broad term that encompasses many forms of art and entertainment. Some examples include listening to music, reading books and literature for pleasure or enrichment, participating in sports and games, watching live performances such as theater, dance, comedy shows, or musicals, creating and appreciating visual arts, and attending art exhibitions and museums.


From the Late Latin intertenere, to hold inside, from the prefix inter- “among” + tenere “to stretch,” from the Indo-European root ten-, “to hold.” A common suffix added to verb stems (beginning-e-ment, better-e-ment, merriment) to form nouns expressing the result of the action of the verb or its effect on the subject or object of the verb.

Entertainment is an essential component of human well-being. It provides a number of important psychological functions, including relaxation, escape, delay, and catharsis.